Directors of Photography


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  Tim is a swiss army knife of filmmaking. After spending his youth in a road movie, his search went on via bike messenger, paramedic, and biotechnologist to finally overcome the misbelief that films are only done in Hollywood. He worked his way through the ranks in all kinds of positions of the process before making it into the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg where he graduated, sacking a bunch of awards. 

From then on, he has been directing commercials on the national and international stage.

He loves hands-on work and is always interested in exploring new techniques and cultivating diversity in his projects, reaching from classical great cinematic storytelling to raw documentary content pieces. He can also be found doing camerawork and even editing some of his films because he genuinely enjoys every step of bringing that idea to life.

He brings a passion for the narrative to his films, putting a strong focus on character castings, strong, vivid storytelling, often showing subtle humor in his projects.

Tim has worked for the good the bad and the ugly, shooting with big international names like Tattoo Artist Randy to local underdog heroes like this Mads Mikkelsen guy…

Still carrying that spirit and enthusiasm of the early days, he has gained the reputation of being indestructible, putting his blood sweat and tears into every project he engages in. 

 If you beat him through the city on a bike he will do the third shooting day free of charge.